Imagining a new paradigm for digital sustainability with FORMAFANTASMA


Formafantasma is an award-winning design studio investigating the ecological, historical, political and social forces shaping contemporary design. Together we worked on their brand-new website. It is designed to minimise the energy consumption and CO2 emissions resulting from surfing the internet. The project’s application of the principles of sustainable digital communication, however, does not significantly impact its narrative purpose and strong focus on optimal user experience, ideal page speed and refined aesthetic.
Client: Formafantasma
Typology: Website
Year: 2020 - 2021
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Online matters
The interface uses default system typefaces (Arial and Times New Roman) to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests. In mobile use – where OLED screens are most common – it appears by default in dark mode, reducing screen brightness and energy consumption. The design is intended to be as clear as possible to avoid loading unwanted content. Before viewing larger pictures, a preview of the average file weight that one’s device will need to download is visible on hover. is powered by a tailor-made platform with a significantly lower impact on server-side resource consumption. It is hosted on GreenGeeks.
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Unicode Logo
We have redesigned the FORMAƑANTASMA logo, using a string of generic Unicode symbols spelling the studio's name. It can be displayed on any device and used in an email signature without entailing the transfer and download of an image file. It is by all means conscious.
Press quotes
"For its significance, and for the impact it will undoubtedly have, the website is a paragon of both elegance and responsibility for the design world"

Formafantasma redesigns website to reduce "pollution connected to the internet"
We have created a website that merges low environmental impact, pared-back AESTHETIC and PERFORMANCE